The Annual National Halloween & National Haunters Convention located in Historic Valley Forge (King of Prussia, PA) plans and focuses Haunt Tours in four major states. Our four areas of interest are Maryland Haunts, Delaware Haunts, Pennsylvania Haunts, & New Jersey Haunts.

If you are looking for a great haunt in DE, then let us suggest FrightLand.

The Owners & Managers of FrightLand put on a great show and are also very nice people. They even recently made donations to the Museum of Mythology with their left over Egyptian Props. Make sure to visit them this halloween season!

If you are looking for additional haunts in Delaware or the surrounding areas to the North and Northwest, we suggest



If you are looking to find a Great Haunted House this Halloween Season in the wonderful crab rich state of Maryland, we suggest you visit our friends at


MDHaunts is run by Allan & Jill Bennett and contains everything you need to know or learn about all of Maryland's Seasons Halloween & Haunted Attractions. Times, Dates, Schedules, Descriptions and more await you at



If you are looking for a very cool Haunted House this Halloween Season in New Jersey, we would like to recommend The Field of Terror. The Field of Terror is New Jersey's largest Hayride & Corn Field Maze event. Over 120+ Acres of land, just waiting to be explored. Fireworks, Flashlight Maze, Corn Maze, The Unknown walk through Haunted Attraction and more.

If you are looking for reviews of your favorite haunts and experiences of past visitors, please visit. The Scare Factor. The ScareFactor has a rating and review system for Haunts.



The Halloween Show is located near Philadelphia and has been growing each year into the largest Haunted House show. To learn more about our show, please click visit either the National Halloween Convention website at:

or the National Haunters Convention Website at:

To Watch our Video, visit

Our Haunt Tour information can be viewed at

We also have an annual costume ball with a unique theme every year. To learn more about that, visit the Cadavers Cotillion at:

We Thank you for visiting our website, and wish everyone a safe and fun Halloween Season each year!

The National Halloween & National Haunters Convention Staff